Monday, April 17, 2017

Station Stop - Richford, Vermont

The newest station stop map I've developed shows the end point of the Central Vermont's Richford Branch. The overall map shows the route the CV line took into town, including it's connection with the Canadian Pacific Ry. 
The close up map shows the trackage in the station area proper. (Click on the map to enlarge it). 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

NCE system up and running

Beer poster in lieu of photo of Gainesville DCC install crew. 
The Gainesville Mafia, headed by Don Pete LaGuardia, (a.k.a "The Electrician," a.k.a. "Wires", a.k.a. "Watts") stopped by last night to assist with the installation and checkout of my North Coast Engineering Wireless DCC system. 
Understandably, they don't like having their pictures taken so it worked out well that my phone battery was dead. So to have some sort of graphic with this post I've added a vintage beer poster. Enjoy....

We'd planned on a long evening in case of the need for troubleshooting. I'm happy to report the installation of the system, which includes three power districts, each with their own booster and a Tony's Train Exchange short circuit detector, went flawlessly and the system was up and running in record time. 
Thanks to Pete, Mat, Tom, and Brian for their assistance. It was much appreciated!